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Share quote requests for many group benefit products. Connect with any carrier or quoting partner. Automatically manage quote requests with ease.

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Yottaflow is group benefits quoting software used by brokers, TPAs, general agencies, and wholesalers to share quote requests for group benefit products with any industry partner and manage the entire quoting process from submission through renewal.
Powerful AND easy to use

Easily manage the entire quote request process

Use Yottaflow to track the quote lifecycle, keep everyone on the same page, and provide visibility into the quote request process.

Automatically track your sales process

Yottaflow tracks every stage of the group benefits sales cycle automatically as you use the application. The days of updating your tracking spreadsheet or your CRM tool are over.

  • Everyone is on the same page

    Everyone knows the status of every group, every quote request, and every carrier.  From the CEO, to sales, to the person sending quote requests.  Yottaflow keeps the entire team in sync.

  • Dashboards provide key metrics

    How many prospects are we working on?  How many renewals?  What's due next? It's available at a glance.

  • Everything in one place

    Add notes, forward important emails, store key attachments and make them available to anyone who needs to see them.  All in one place.

Simplicity is a feature

Yottaflow works the way you work. Dashboards allow you to view everything at a glance. Make updates quickly and easily.

  • Executives: gain the visibility you need!

    Yottaflow provides a real-time view on the quoting process.  No need to ask for updates or hunt down that missing spreadsheet.  It's all right there and it's EASY!

  • No setup & no configuration

    Yottaflow is web-based software, so you can use it anywhere on any device.  Getting started is as easy as building your first quote request.  Everything else just works.

  • Cut down on secure email

    Yottaflow replaces secure email for all your carrier communication.  Carriers love it because it's one less login!

Sell more with less

Could a lack of standardization be holding you back?

The quoting process plays an essential role for every brokerage, TPA and wholesaler. Can you afford an outmoded process? Read our whitepaperCompare your process

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