A partnership to boost your quoting capacity

Expand your distribution, streamline the intake process, & automate your illustrative quotes

Yottaflow and Kusoftware have developed a solution to mitigate many of the challenges MGUs face when quoting medical stop loss:

  • Finding new distribution channels requires continual attention.
  • Getting clean quote submissions is a struggle.
  • Data entry is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Dealing with low close-ratios is overwhelming and drains resources.
  • Identifying and focusing on the best groups is tedious.

What does Yottaflow do for MGUs and carriers?

Yottaflow allows brokers, wholesalers and TPAs to receive instant, illustrative medical stop loss quotes from multiple MGUs in just a few clicks. Simultaneously, all information is sent to the Kusoftware underwriting platform, including a validated census. This eliminates data entry and allows the MGU to immediately begin the underwriting process.

During the submission process, the system will collect a census along with aggregate claims paid and average enrollment to generate the illustrative quote. This information will be used along with MGU specified RTM and other configurable quoting parameters to ensure that illustrative rates are as close to underwritten rates as possible.

An unbiased platform

All quotes delivered via Yottaflow are unbiased. This means Yottaflow receives no commission based on sales. Unlike using other platforms in the industry today, MGUs and producers can be confident knowing that Yottaflow does not prefer one MGU or producer over another.

Transparency is a feature

Carriers and MGUs who use Yottaflow are able to see full contact information of all brokers, TPAs and GAs on the platform. That includes their name, email address and phone number. We encourage people to connect in whatever way works best for them whether it's directly in Yottaflow or an offline phone conversation. Connecting makes a difference.

Benefits for MGUs

  • New quote distribution channels: Yottaflow actively markets the platform to brokers, TPAs and wholesalers throughout the country.
  • Clean quote submissions: the application validates the census and ensures all required information is included in the quote request.
  • Automated DTQs: With Yottaflow, you'll automatically and instantly respond to every quote request including those where you’re not competitive. Automated decline to quote (DTQ) parameters include SIC/NAICS codes, zip codes, group size, and more.
  • Adjust your rates in real time: build your own network discount tables and set your illustrative RTM. Make changes any time you want.
  • Eliminate data entry: Upon request for illustrative rates, Yottaflow also automatically submits all quote requests to your underwriting platform. This includes a validated census and allows MGUs to immediately begin underwriting.
  • Dashboard monitoring: keep tabs on your producers and their quote requests by monitoring their activity via an online dashboard.
  • Control who gets quotes: view complete information on the individuals and organizations who receive quotes including name, email address and phone number. The application also provides the ability to block a particular individual or organization from receiving quote requests from your MGU.

Will this encourage “spreadsheeting” of my quote?

We believe that making it easier to get quotes from your MGU will put you at an advantage and make it more likely that your MGU is asked to quote on a given group. Comparison shopping and spreadsheeting is already happening today and is likely to continue simply because most producers have no other means of determining which quotes are less expensive, provide better terms or use comparable discounts for networks and repricing.

Are these just manual rates?

No. The illustrative quote are generated using a census, aggregate claims paid and average enrollment along with MGU specified RTM and other configurable quoting parameters to ensure that illustrative rates are as close to underwritten rates as possible. Additionally, Yottaflow and Kusoftware work closely with you during the implementation process to ensure illustrative rates are competitive.

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