Instant Quoting from Yottaflow

Instantly boost your quoting capacity

Provide illustrative and final quotes to your clients via a custom-branded website and manage the entire process through our automated workflow.
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    What if you could quote more without additional resources?

    With Instant Quoting from Yottaflow, we create a custom-branded website that enables self-serve quoting for your clients.  Clients obtain illustrative quotes automatically.  If they like what they see, the application has a complete workflow to manage the process through final plan selection.

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    Any product, any plan

    With rate information provided by you, we can support virtually any product including stop loss, group life, group dental, AD&D and more.  We can also quote standard benefit plans or you can let the user specify co-pays, deductibles and any other options.  All customized to your needs.

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    Includes a complete workflow to manage the process

    • Brokers or TPAs provide group info and upload a census
    • Illustrative quotes are automatically generated
    • Brokers or TPAs review the illustrative proposal and request a final proposal
    • MGUs are automatically notified and produce a final proposal
    • When ready to buy, brokers or TPAs select a plan and the MGU is notifed

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    Monitor progress in real-time or receive proactive notifications

    With Instant Quoting from Yottaflow, you can monitor the progress of your brokers and TPAs in real-time via reports and dashboards.  You can also simply wait to be notified when there's action required.

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    Wide variety of configuration options and customizable

    We review your entire quoting workflow during implementation and we support a wide variety of configuration options "out of the box". If we don't have what you need, we have the capability to customize your site to fit your unique business process.

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