Compare your current quoting process with Yottaflow

Without Yottaflow, the process of submitting a quote request is long, tedious, and painful to track. With Yottaflow, it's easy and painless.

Without Yottaflow

Whether your're a brokerage, TPA, wholesaler, or general agency, the process of quoting a group benefit product is complex.

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With Yottaflow

Yottaflow takes care of the reptitive parts of the process automatically and keeps everyone on the same page.

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The process doesn't end after submission

After the quote request has been submitted to your carriers, the process is far from over. Consider how you handle the following common scenarios today:

  • You forgot to include an attachment. How quickly can you get an update out to your carriers?
  • Somebody needs the census document and you're on vacation. What happens now?
  • Somebody is asking you about the status of a group. Can they get that information themselves?

The RFP process is chaotic, but it doesn't have to be. Yottaflow can make it smooth and easy.

Sell more with less

Could a lack of standardization be holding you back?

The quoting process plays an essential role for every brokerage, TPA and wholesaler. Can you afford an outmoded process? Read our whitepaper

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