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How does Yottaflow work?

A overview of the quote request process using Yottaflow
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    Step 1: Sign up and submit your first quote request

    We'll walk you through the process and when you're finished, you'll have your first live quote request delivered to your carrier.  Not ready to submit a live quote request?  No problem, you can submit to our demo carrier.

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    Step 2: Connect with your partners.

    Brokers can connect with carriers and TPAs, wholesalers, and general agenencies. TPAs can work with their carriers, but also receive requests from brokers and forward them on to wholesalers and general agencies.

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    Step 3: Track carrier responses and forward important emails

    See which carriers have viewed your quote requests and when they've viewed them.  Forward important emails to Yottaflow and track the status of each carrier.  Yottaflow automatically updates the status of your quote requests as you work.

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    Step 4: Mark quote requests sold and you'll be notified when it's renewal time

    Simply mark your groups sold or lost and Yottaflow tracks the rest.  As groups come due for renewal, Yottaflow automatically notifies you and drafts a quote request for you.

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