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Yottaflow's all-new instant quoting product enables you to efficiently increase quoting capacity.

Instant Quoting

Enable self-serve instant quoting for a variety of products

Stop loss, group life, dental and more. Includes a complete workflow to gather information, upload a census, generate an illustrative quote, convert to final proposal and capture plan selection.

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Quickly decide what gets priority by viewing key RFP data at a glance.

Reduce secure email logins.  View standardized RFPs

Many submitters, one website

View RFPs from any  TPA, wholesaler, or broker that uses Yottaflow in one place with one login.

Everything in one, familiar place

Yottaflow standardizes RFP submissions so you can quickly assess an RFP.

Products and Pricing

Instant Quoting

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Custom-branded application for instant quoting.

  • Quote many products. Stop loss, dental, vision, & more!
  • Generate proposals both illustrative and final.
  • Custom branded with your logo and proposal format.
  • Easy to get started with a logo and your rate sheet.
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Unlimited RFPs


View RFPs via Yottaflow's secure website.

  • Free! Retreive RFPs via our secure website
  • You'll be notified when a someone sends you an RFP.
  • Email support included
  • Unlimited RFPs
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