Add capability without adding resources.

Gain visibility.

Achieve sustainable and resilient processes.

Manage everything you quote in one web application.
Clean, simple, intuitive interface that "just works".

Save time

Build quote requests in minutes. Compare proposals quickly and easily. Automatically track all related communication.

Increase visibility

Yottaflow ensures you have what you need when you need it. Eliminate the need for status meetings, phone calls, and emails.

Sustainable & resilient

Yottaflow ensures your processes never skip a beat, even when you experience the unexpected.

Yottaflow is used by...


Manage everything you quote in one application with the power of Yottaflow. Keep it all in one place and eliminate file shares, spreadsheets & email folders. Automatically manage your stop loss claims & notifications.

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Request quotes for a variety of group benefit products across dozens of carriers on one platform. Track it all quickly and easily with the power of Yottaflow.

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Get your team on the same page and streamline your broker activity. Manage responses from carriers and share information when you're ready at the click of a button. Automatically generate custom-formatted proposals and send them to your brokers.

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Carriers & MGUs

Works just like other secure messaging systems, but Yottaflow's Secure Messaging lets you access all your submissions with one secure login.

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